Game Schedules  

Spring 2014 Schedules

Team-Based Schedules. Mar 22

Field Based Schedules

This schedule shows field usage and is  helpful to referees and club officials. Parents can use it to check home/away assignments. 

The field schedule will be posted at the same time as the Team Schedules

Spring 14 Master Field Usage


If games are cancelled en masse because of a weather issue, we will re-schedule all ames as a league; individual coaches would not need to do the rescheduling.  If coaches find that they need to reschedule games for other reasons, they should follow the procedure described below. This entails contacting Charlie Ramsay if you need a referee.

Rescheduling a Game other than for weather: Please play games as scheduled unless truly necessary. If you must reschedule a game at the U7-U10 level, one coach should contact contact the coach of the other team well in advance and arrange a proposed time to play the rescheduled game. Then the home team must contact their referee scheduler to clear that a field is available and for him/her to arrange a referee. For many clubs this is Charlie Ramsey. His email address is and phone number is 515-829-7726. As no referees are scheduled for U5-U6 games, you only need be sure that a field is available. Please do not schedule games in Ames on Tuesdays or Thursdays.